I work with Dr. Sofia Feltzing at Lund University examining the chemical evolution of the Milky Way through detailed stellar abundances and high resolution spectroscopic surveys. In this effort I am involved with the APOGEE-2, GALAH, Gaia-ESO, and 4MOST surveys.

My current projects include:

  • Examining variations in age-abundance relations across the Milky Way disk using APOGEE and GALAH observations of red giant stars and Gaia DR2 parallax measurements.
  • Providing stellar amtospheric parameters and individual elemental abundances for the final data release of the Gaia-ESO Survey using Spectroscopy Made Easy (SME).
  • Calibrating empirically derived chemical clocks using the full Milky Way disk and halo, Magellanic Clouds, and local dwarf galaxies.

I was a postdoc with Dr. Karin Lind at the Max Planck Institut für Astronomie in Heidelberg, Germany studying age-abundance trends of the solar neighborhood. During my Ph.D., I worked with Dr. Jon Holtzman at New Mexico State University with the SDSS III/SDSS IV APOGEE survey studying Galactic evolution through high resolution spectroscopy of stellar populations and developing methods to estimate ages of red giant stars.